Why technology plays second fiddle in mortgage lending

Listing agents are always so surprised to hear from me when I call on behalf of my clients. I’ll never understand why. The borrower is technically my client. But really, the seller is too. Because if the transaction doesn’t close, everyone loses. Nevertheless, sellers and selling agents are always surprised when we call...n’t count how many times they’ve responded with “I’ve never had a lender call me on behalf of their buyer on a listing. This is wonderful for my seller!” Just more proof that despite all this technology, the simple things still work! Winning Deals Daily My Realtor Partners [...]

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Why Closing an Old Account Can DROP Your Score

  It’s a popular opinion amongst those who work with any lines of credit that logic is discarded as often as possible. We’ve seen plenty of cases where someone was utterly dismayed when presented with the information that paying off something like a five-year automobile note actually lowered their score up to 40 points.  Why Does This Happen? The pure and simple answer is completely counterintuitive (see first sentence of blog) but here it is: The bureaus would rather you show consistent payments over years and decades than to succinctly pay it off. The older the trade line the more [...]

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Been turned down 4 times? Don’t give up…

When you REALLY want something so bad you can TASTE IT, sometimes you just have to keep at it until it gets done. Even when it’s not easy. Can you relate? We recently had a borrower who came to us feeling a little beat up. He had been turned down for a mortgage loan not once, or twice, or three times. Yes… he had been turned down by 4 other lenders. But he REALLY wanted this house for his family! So he stuck it out. He found us. Self-Employed Borrowers Have It Rough Self-employed business owners are the backbone of [...]

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The brighter side of a divorce

Divorce is awful. There’s no other way to describe it. More than half of the people you’ll meet today have been through a divorce. Maybe even you. As much agony as families have with divorce, sometimes there’s a bright side. The part that comes after… after healing, after a reset. The kind of hope that comes with a 2nd chance. That’s exactly the kind of bright side that we helped one borrower have recently.  Removing a Spouse from a Mortgage Post Divorce She came to us after the divorce. We had helped her and her ex-husband buy the home they [...]

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Buying a home after losing almost everything

Every once in awhile we have a person or family come into our life who makes us feel grateful for whatever we’re struggling with on a given day. We know it almost right from the beginning. As soon as they start to tell us about their dreams of homeownership, the tissues and tears start to flow. Such was the case with some recent borrowers of ours who were referred by one of our realtor partners. These poor folks had lost almost everything. Almost. Within the last few years, one of their children passed away after a long and drawn out [...]

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