Clearing snowy hurdles on the way to home ownership

There’s a reason we believe in choosing a lender before looking for a home. It’s because if you don’t know exactly what you can afford, you’re wasting time looking for a house.

We recently had a young man come to us who desperately wanted to buy a home.

The problem? He didn’t have any money saved.

For most lenders, the lack of a down payment might be a problem. Not for our team!

We completed his preapproval and matched him up with an incredible government-sponsored down payment assistance program which granted him $5,000 to use toward the down payment and closing costs!

Yes, you read that right, a $5,000 grant for home ownership!

Ask us today about home ownership grants for first time homebuyers.

Finding the Perfect House

After many months of searching and more than a few offers on homes that fell through, he finally found THE ONE!

The inspection came in great… and the appraisal was even higher than the purchase price. To make things even sweeter, the home had the perfect backyard for his new German Shepherd.

The Last Snowy Hurdle to Home Ownership

As usual, we had the HUD Settlement Statement ready a full week before closing and everything was set. We believe in having things ready ahead of time to avoid surprises.

At least those we can control LOL.

Mother Nature, however, has her own agenda.

His closing date finally arrived – January 4th.  And all of Raleigh area was shut down due to snow!

We were so fortunate to get the last closing time available for the following day and everyone was able to brave the roads to make the closing.  We received a very special thank you from this young man the following day and knew just how much this home meant to him.

Sometimes we take home ownership for granted! But when you see what lengths a young man is willing to go through to make his dream come true, you can appreciate that you are truly Living the Dream!

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