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Mortgage Lending in Fuquay-Varina, NC

The Sherry Riano Team

Working with The Sherry Riano Team means everyone gets the same level of service, no matter what type of loan you’re getting. We believe you deserve to know what to expect from start to finish when you are looking for a mortgage. Finding the right mortgage lender in Fuquay – Varina, NC is much easier when you understand all the types of loans you could be exploring.

We believe the loan process should be the easiest part of buying a home, which is why we give you all the options before you even get started.

In order to get the best deal for your mortgage, you need to understand the wide range of mortgage types out there, including:

We believe that you can still get a loan from us, even if you’ve been turned down elsewhere, and we want to help you make your dream of home ownership happen. Here’s what you need to know about each of these types of mortgage loans so you can begin exploring the options: 

Conventional Home Mortgages

Do you have excellent credit? Can you save at least 5% down to pay towards your dream home?

If so, it’s hard to beat the ease and affordability of a  conventional home mortgage. They offer you the lowest interest rates and the most stable premiums over a 15- or 30-year period. 

FHA Mortgages

FHA mortgages are insured by the federal government. There are no income restrictions with this program and gift funds came be used for down payment. With the FHA product there is a required 3.5% down payment for the transaction. This product typically has more lenient credit requirements. 

First Time Homebuyers Mortgages

If you haven’t owned a home in the past 3 years, don’t have a huge down payment, and your credit history is bare, you can still get a mortgage. We believe you can still get a loan from us even if you’ve been turned down by other mortgage lenders in Fuquay – Varina.

These loans are perfect for those who have struggled to establish credit history while paying off student loans or other common concerns of first-time home owners. 

Rural Development Mortgages

Do you want to buy a home outside the city limits? If you have less-than-perfect credit, and don’t want to put down a down payment, and your dream home falls into the category of rural, the USDA Rural Housing Loan program may be right for you. This program is designed to encourage rural growth, so it offers lower interest rates and more lenient credit requirements. 

VA Mortgages

If you are a veteran, a VA mortgage is the single best option for you. Special interest rates and zero down payments make it easier for you to afford your home right from the start. These types of mortgages are affordable up front and long-term.

We also offer additional cash benefits towards closing costs with our Benefits for Heroes program. 

Learn How The Sherry Riano Team Can Help

At The Sherry Riano Team, we believe that you are not just a transaction. Our mortgage lending team in Fuquay – Varina is here to help you finally move in to your dream home!  Get started online or call us at 919-234-7415.