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Facebook API Error: {"ratings":{"data":[{"created_time":"2018-08-24T22:03:01+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"The Riano team help us close on our first house! I highly recommend them!!!","reviewer":{"name":"Tara Veazey DeVault","id":"10213296714835893"}},{"created_time":"2018-08-03T14:20:08+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Fantastic team who go above and beyond to take care of their clients. Highly recommend calling for your home purchasing needs!","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Chris Woodring","id":"2291091847575506"}},{"created_time":"2018-06-23T08:11:14+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Great Experience. Thank you very much.","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Din Islam","id":"2155576398031440"}},{"created_time":"2018-04-04T12:25:29+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Had a great and very personalized experience buying a home with The Sherry Riano Team! Jordan and Chris were easy to work with and very reassuring during the entire process. Would recommend to anyone buying a new home that wants a good and personal experience.","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Kathryn Brogden","id":"2078261572189454"}},{"created_time":"2017-11-01T19:25:21+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Love working with the Sherry Riano team. Answered all my questions! Very helpful.","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Bethany Michaels","id":"10159693045685010"}},{"created_time":"2017-07-27T18:16:42+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Sherry, Rich and team are AMAZING! As a first time home buyer I was pretty clueless when it came to the process and all the things that would need to happen along the way. ANY time I had a question or concerned I was able to call or email, day or night, and they always had an answer and went out of their way to help and guide me through the process. I was also a VA loan home buyer, which threw a few more kinks into the process, but that did not slow this team down at all. They know what they are doing and they do it extremely well and will make you feel like you are their only client. This is the kind of service that is unheard of nowadays. I absolutely recommend them and cannot thank them enough for all their hard work and guidance!","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"David Byrd","id":"671824701984"}},{"created_time":"2017-07-21T02:36:13+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Hands down the best experience I've ever had when having to either refinance or purchase a new home! Very knowledgeable and willing to explain things so that they made sense to me!","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Mike Smith","id":"10210921195805488"}},{"created_time":"2014-02-03T03:44:43+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Sherry is by far the best Mortgage professional I've had the pleasure of working with on the East Coast. Her dedication to her clients and the real estate agents she works with speaks volumes. I'm blessed to know her.","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Joshua Harley","id":"10213406077802013"}},{"created_time":"2018-02-08T18:16:03+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Dan Bryant","id":"10101185701571785"}},{"created_time":"2017-08-10T16:31:49+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Crystal Renee German","id":"10159553238240487"}},{"created_time":"2013-12-21T02:14:40+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Joe Moore","id":"10154734922802723"}}]},"id":"185172988162955"}
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