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We love helping families like you that serve our country get the home of your dreams using the VA loan program. And with three major military bases in the greater Raleigh area, knowing your VA loan options is essential if you’re in the market to buy a home.

We offer VA mortgage loans in Raleigh, NC and all of the surrounding areas including Cary, Wake Forest, Pittsboro & Clayton!


What 20 Years of VA Loan Experience Means for You

Given the sheer number of active and retired military families in the greater Raleigh area, you’re probably familiar with the benefits of a VA loan such as 0 or low down payment, flexible credit guidelines and competitive rates.

However, we’ve learned some important things about VA loans that many lenders might not tell you:

  • You have to balance your immediate needs with your family’s goals down the road. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

  • It’s important to do an initial consultation so we get a better understanding of your needs rather than letting a lender stick you in a box, so to speak.

  • Just because you can borrow 100% doesn’t mean you should. We’re big believers in picking up the phone to make sure you fully understand your options.

  • There’s a good chance you’ll be gone (on duty) for some or most of the process, so email will be important to staying informed throughout the loan process.

  • Get a list of the documents you’ll need early on so you don’t get asked for them more than once.

  • Nail down important details such as monthly payment and closing costs early on in the process. The last thing you want is a change at the last minute when you’re out of town.

VA Loan Basics

Here are some of the reason the VA program is so popular among military families especially those in the greater Raleigh area:


Most members of the US military will be eligible for a loan. Some of the specific qualifications include:

  • Active duty military will generally qualify after 6 months of service

  • Reservists & National Guard must wait 6 years to apply, but if they are called to active duty before that are eligible after 180 days of service

  • Spouses of deceased military members may be eligible

  • You will need an certificate of eligibility, but it is NOT required to start the process

Other VA Program Features:

  • 0% down payment is available, but not required

  • No mortgage insurance is required!

  • There is a one time funding fee which varies depending on the down payment

  • Flexible credit guidelines

  • Payment assistance is available if you happen to miss payments

  • Refinancing is allowed

On the surface, VA loans seem relatively straightforward. However, that doesn’t mean your family’s financial situation is simple or navigating the loan process won’t take some planning.

If you’re comfortable with starting your application online, that’s a great start. However, we believe mortgage loans work best when we schedule a short follow up call to address important aspects of the loan upfront and let you know what to expect.

Areas We Serve

As a local, Raleigh, NC based company, our primary service areas include:

  • Cary

  • Wake Forest

  • Pittsboro

  • Clayton